Custom Software Development Company

For 8 years, we develop software that meets our clients’ business needs. 105 projects were accomplished during this time. We provide:

  • Cloud, Custom, Mobile, Web Development
  • Design
  • Testing and QA
  • IT consulting and Audit
  • Support and Maintenance

Our R&D department was the 1st in Eastern Europe to build a customer portal. By using it, any client can reduce the total cost of the project by up to 50%. This portal works great with our approach to the development process:

Reducing your costs
We are focused on minimizing project costs for you. Our specialists gather requirements in such a way that your scope change rate is no higher than 15%. You will get regular recommendations on how to save money: reuse code or implement ready-made software modules.

On-time, on-budget, on-spec
From the project start, you know when it will be finished. After business analysis, you get software specifications along with a Work Breakdown Structure and a Critical Path. Every dollar and minute invested in the project are spent efficiently to deliver your product on time, on budget, on scope.

Well set-up quality management
Code quality is reviewed by architects and SonarQube. Мanual and automated tests are run to make sure that your product works perfectly. With a traceability matrix, you are able to track whether the requirements are aligned with the system.

Flexible in collaboration with you
Сhoose the engagement model, payment schedule, and team that is best suited for you. We have flexible working hours and days. You are welcome to our office, daily and weekly sync-up meetings. Regular reports and metrics inform you about your project status.

Our custom software development company to serve your project needs. Send your requirements here or email to [email protected]

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5 comments on “Diceus

Justas Meminger

Employees Diceus made an exceptionally good impression. All done quickly. The application works fine, the design is exactly the same as I described. Pleased with the fact that everyone does exactly as requested, no gags like the others. After creating the application – asked to download it to the store. They helped with this, without any problems.

I advise everyone.


Nice office, responsive management team, pleasant working atmosphere. Diceus is a great place to work in.

grett meller

Productive collaboration, thanks to them, was able to add many useful features to our application. So far they have only addressed to them about the application on android, but I think that as for other development issues, we will only address here. Real professionals work here. Thank you for your cooperation, I really enjoyed your work.

Tokio Kuwamura

They are great partner.
I learned not only how to integrate a system but also how to proceed with the business. We are a system integrator. The collaboration with Diceus is not only engineering for system development, but also a mutual work on business, including getting a contract and a quote. Diceus’ knowledge of providing services to customers around the world has become a major weapon in our business.

Oleg Chekiri

I was working with Diceus last year. Their team 100% delivered on everything they promised, which was incredible. I am very satisfied, and I would recommend them to everyone.

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