20 Years of Software Design and Development.

Digital product design & development, built with you, not for you.

Digital innovation is a required core competency for tomorrow’s market leaders – it cannot be outsourced long term. To keep up with the digital demands of your customers, your organization must internalize design thinking, research-backed UX design, customer centricity, rapid user testing, user validation and, agile development to inform and accelerate your digital roadmaps.

Over the last 20 years, we have assembled a fast-moving team of 70+ software designers and engineers that have delivered over 300 software transformations  for clients such as Keller Williams, Texas Mutual, Jack Link’s Snacks, Dimensional Fund Advisors, NRG, City of Houston, Sysco Foods, Austin Capital Bank and more. 

Our project results speak for themselves:

– NRG generated $80M in new revenue

– The City of Houston saved $40M

– Bluebird Botanicals 10x’ed their revenue and expanded internationally

We inform your roadmap with user research so all feature ideas are evaluated against user insights, assumptions are validated and the backlog is prioritized based on ROI.

We build it with you, not for you by leveraging your existing resources, assets, and ideas. We then organize ourselves around you to uncover the shortest path to a new release. We aim to work ourselved out of a job leaving you with a core-competency in digital customer experience.

Experts at software modernization, we understand that many companies have built software applications that no longer meet customer expectations. We help those companies modernize those applications so they can remain relevant against born-digital competitors.

Here’s how we do it:

Assess. We assess your situation and present a proposal with three investment options.

Design & Build. We design and build a modern user experience, supported by a robust full-stack architecture.

Launch. You launch a modern, intuitive software application that lives up to the promise of your brand.

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7 comments on “Praxent

Tommy Hodinh

Great team to work with

Jen Ohlson

Praxent is a company made up of talented, passionate individuals who truly listen to their customers and care about helping them make their vision a reality. The whole team has a relentless, results oriented focus with integrity.

Tory Gattis

Absolutely top notch web design and development services. Very client-service oriented, and Tim is fantastic to work with. He’s also thoroughly thought through the AD culture, processes, and approach to hiring to create a really talented, high-performance company. Highly recommended.

Adi Dajani

Being the head of the Systems Support with the City of Houston Strategic Purchasing Division, I was approached by the Houston Mayor’s Office to take the lead on a project the Mayor himself was highly interested in. I contacted Praxent and shared with them the Mayor’s vision and the ambitious promise he made to the public: To open the books on all of the City’s purchasing to establish the nation’s first government Electronic Purchasing Catalog with SAP interface. The goal was to promote web-based government transparency that uncovers costs, savings while increases the overall operational efficiency throughout the City of Houston. We were challenged with a restricted delivery timeline of 6 months. But from the start, the team at Praxent listened carefully to our needs and we co-created a solution that ultimately saved the city $40 million. Working with Praxent was a pleasure and an experience of a lifetime. They communicated proactively and were a pleasure to work with. Years later, the application they built for us is still running with almost zero maintenance. Praxent innovation helped the City implement additional technologies that would later generate additional cost savings and cost avoidance. They implemented and synchronized an interface between the Electronic Bidding System, Electronic Catalog System and SAP. That interface eliminated duplication of efforts and manual interventions, resulting in substantial cost reductions and savings (translated to staff reduction with total savings to the City exceeding $400,000 annually). I recommend them highly!

Daniel Hernandez

I came to Praxent with a concept of what we needed, but they helped me to envision a much bigger, more strategic opportunity. As a result, we have grown sales by 300% with minimal hiring and the technology they built enabled that. Not only has the technology worked, but working with Praxent has been great. I consider them to be an extension of my team. They are transparent, dependable and always responsive to our needs.

Thanks Praxent!

Randall Street

Imagine if you could completely digitize a core function of your business with custom software without worrying about any of the technical details. That is what we got with Praxent. We wanted a development partner who would walk in our shoes and design something that truly solved our needs. They have been a terrific about understanding our business needs and finding a technical solution to meet them. Plus, they are genuinely nice people and fun to work with. We are hopeful that their work will enable us to amplify the positive impact we are having on leaders around the world.

Jon Eberle

I’ve gotten to know many of the folks at Praxent and I can attest to the fact that they ooze integrity and competence. The culture is to over-deliver and passionately work towards industry disrupting advancement. The energy is POSITIVE and exciting. I honestly cannot find the words to explain just how much I recommend this group.

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